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Family Health Plans

Family health plans are crucial for safeguarding the well-being of your loved ones in challenging times. The ideal family health insurance offers a range of features and benefits that ensure financial stability. These plans typically cover multiple family members, with conventional policies accommodating around 6-8 individuals, though some policies extend coverage to even more. InsureWinsure is dedicated to helping clients compare and acquire the most suitable health insurance for their families, while also providing efficient claim settlement services. Below are the fundamental eligibility criteria for selecting the best family health insurance plan.

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What is Family Health Insurance?

Family Health Insurance is a specialized type of health insurance that provides coverage for an individual and their dependents, including a spouse, dependent children, and dependent parents or parents-in-law, all under a single policy. The best family health insurance plans offer extensive coverage for all family members, without any additional or hidden premium charges. These plans prioritize providing the highest quality healthcare for both planned and unplanned medical needs, ensuring a worry-free and balanced life. Some key features of the best family medical insurance include:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: The plan should offer a wide range of coverage, including hospitalization expenses, doctor consultations, diagnostic tests, medication, and surgical procedures, among others.
  • Cashless Hospitalization: Cashless Hospitalization: The policy should allow cashless hospitalization, enabling you to receive treatment at network hospitals without paying upfront. The insurance provider settles the bills directly with the hospital.
  • Maternity Benefits: An ideal family health insurance plan covers maternity-related expenses, including pre-natal and post-natal care, delivery charges, and newborn baby coverage.
  • Pre-existing Conditions: Look for a plan that covers pre-existing medical conditions of family members, as this ensures comprehensive coverage for any ongoing health issues.
  • Wellness Benefits: Some plans offer wellness benefits like annual health check-ups, preventive screenings, and discounts on fitness programs to promote overall well-being.
  • No-Claim Bonus: A good family health insurance plan provides a no-claim bonus, which rewards policyholders with increased coverage or reduced premiums for every claim-free year.
  • Wide Network of Hospitals: Ensure that the insurance provider has a broad network of hospitals and healthcare providers to ensure easy access to quality medical services.
  • Efficient Claim Settlement: Opt for an insurance provider known for their quick and hassle-free claim settlement process, ensuring that you receive timely reimbursement for medical expenses.
Family Health Policy FAQ's
1. Best family health insurance plans in India?

Following are the best family health insurance plans in India:

1. Star Health Comprehensive Plan

2. Star Family Health Optima

3. Care Plan

4. Niva BUPA Health Companion

5. Niva BUPA Health Reassure

2. What is the policy term option for family health insurance?

You can get a policy for 1, 2, or 3 years with a lifelong renewable option.

3. How many people can be covered under family health insurance?
You can cover up to 6 family members in a family health insurance.
4. Which family member can I cover under the family health plan?

You can cover your spouse, dependent children and parents, and your other blood relatives and in-laws under a family floater plan.

5. What is mediclaim insurance for a family?
Health insurance policies that cover the family members of a policyholder under a single policy are a mediclaim insurance for a family or a family floater policy. These insurance plans allow the policyholder to cover spouse, children, parents, and parents-in-law and offer common healthcare benefits to all insured members.
6. Are family health plans cheaper than individual health plans?
Mediclaim insurance for families is considerably cost-effective as compared to individual health plans. You pay an annual premium only once for all the family members insured under a single family floater plan.
7. My parents are above 60, Can I cover them under a family floater plan?
Yes, you can cover senior citizens under a family floater plan as various mediclaim policies for families allow that. However, it is suggested to add children in a family floater and cover parents above 60 under a senior citizen health plan to avail of better coverage and facilities.
8. Does the family health insurance offer coverage for AYUSH treatments?
Yes. Most family health plans look after AYUSH (Ayurvedic, Homeopathy, Siddha, and Unani) treatment expenses. Still, it's advisable to check with your chosen provider before making the purchase decision
9. How many members can be added in a family health insurance policy?
You can include yourself, spouse, and your children under your mediclaim policy for family. Some policies also let you include your siblings as well as some relatives such as nephews, niece and in-laws who reside with you.
10. How much coverage should I opt for a family health insurance policy?
The sum insured of health insurance plans for family depends upon the factors such as the health condition of the members, pre existing health issues and the minimum coverage each member should get individually. As it is said that each individual should have a minimum 5 lakhs worth of health insurance plan, buy a policy that at least allows this much to each member of the policy. You can also opt for a sum insured enhancement featured policy so that the sum insured can be revised at the time of renewal.
11. How to choose the best mediclaim policy for family?
Choosing the best mediclaim policy for family comes with various factors such as coverage, features of the policy such as pre and post hospitalization, ambulance cover, good amount of network hospitals, claim settlement process and policy renewal options.
12. How long can I cover my dependent children under the best medical insurance for family?
It depends from policy to policy and which one you select for your loved ones. Usually, dependent kids are covered from 91 days to 25 years of age only if they are financially dependent on you.
13. What are the waiting period criteria for the best health policy for family?
The best health insurance policy for family have different waiting periods available which are mentioned below:

PED (Pre-existing diseases) are covered after 2 to 4 years

Initial waiting period is of 30 days

Maternity cover is activated after 9 months to 2 years of policy purchase

Critical illness cover is activated after 90 days

14. Is cashless hospitalization available under the best health policy for family?
Yes, insurance holders can avail of cashless hospitalization under the best health insurance plan for families and do not have to worry about bill settlements with the hospital. They can inform their insurer and let them handle the billing process while they can focus on the recovery of their loved ones or themselves.
15. Is a family health plan better than an individual health insurance plan?
It depends entirely on your status. If you are an individual who has no responsibilities and is not married then they can opt for an individual health insurance policy whereas individuals with dependent children and parents must invest in the health insurance plans for family.