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- Today's age problem is having a peace and secureness with your health & financial matters and 'Health Insurance' a good Insurance Category that makes you protects from uncertainities.

- Health Insurance makes you worry free in your life from financial uncertanities that burdens you at the time of illeness / injuries / accidents.

Below are the Health Insurance Benefits that you can get upon getting a Health Insurance for you and its explainations on what those benefits pertains to:

Room Rent Eligibility

Room rent is the per-day room charges that a hospital charges for the patient for availing the services.

In health insurance, Room rent eligibility is the amount that an insurance company will bear on the room rent charges on behalf that patient who is insured under the company's Health Insurance.

ICU Charges

ICU Charges means the amount charged by a hospital towards ICU expenses which shall include the expenses for ICU bed, general medical support services provided to any ICU patient including monitoring devices, critical care nursing and intensivist charges.

Pre-Hospitalization Medical Expenses

Pre-Hospitalization Medical Expenses are any medical expenses that are incurred before getting admitted to the hospital.

Post Hospitalization Medical Expenses

Post Hospitalization Medical Expenses are any medical expenses that are incurred after getting admitted to the hospital.

OPD Coverage

OPD Coverage means Out patient Department Coverage is a medical expenses like Doctor's fees, Diagnostic charges, pharmacy bills and such medical charges that incurred without being admitted to the hospital.

Day-care procedure

Day Care Procedure are those medical treatment like operations, Surgeries that requires hospitalization which is less than 24 hours.

In-patient Coverage

Inpatient coverage is the Medical healthcare facility once admitted to the hospital and the duration of the stay is more than 24 hours (overnight stay).

Domiciliary Hospitalization

It is a situation where the individual suffers sudden health issue and due to which is receiving the medical treatment at his / her home is considered as an hospitalized and insurance company will bear its expenses

Ambulance Cover

Ambulance cover covers the Ambulance service cover for availing ambulance services to transport patient at an emergency situation.

No Claim Bonus (NCB) Coverage

No Claim Bonus (NCB) Cover that protects the earned No claim bonus, in the event of coverage is claimed

Second Opinion

Before undergoing a plan for the operation or sometimes requires a specialist opinion for a Medical condition, in such situation the insured takes a second opinion from an another doctor. This is covered under Health Insurance.

AYUSH Treatment

Coverage of all the alternative treatment such as Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Unani, Sidda, Naturopathy and Yoga are covered under Health Insurance.

Advance Technology Methods

Medical treatment that are operated through the usage of New scientific technologies such as Robotic Surgeries, deep brain simulation, Stereotactic radio surgeries, Stem cell therapy and so on as listed by insurance company under their health insurance are covered.

Organ Donor Cover

Medical expense that are incurred towards your organ donor, while undergoing organ transplantation surgery and which is applicable to do so as per the law is covered under health insurance.

Unlimited Automatic Recharge

Unlimited Automatic Recharge is an option that is given to the insured by an insurance company for reinstating the Sum insured once after the initial Sum insured gets exhausted and can be used for an another medical requirement.

Unlimited E-Consultations

It is an unique benefit which insurance company gives to the Insured which involves Consultation through telecommunication between patient (insured) and the specialist / doctor.

Assisted Reproductive Treatment / Sterlity and Infertility treatment

Assisted Reproductive Treatment is a fertility treatment handled for the purpose of establishing a pregnancy. Expenses of such listed procedure, which if in an insured undergoes is covered under the insurance.

Compassionate Travel

Transporatation expenses of a listed family member's who accompany the insured to receive a medical treatment which becomes necessity at a critical times.

Annual Health Check-up

Annual Health Check-up is usually a full body health check up which your health insurance policy allows you to avail it at a free of cost.

Maternity & New Born Cover

Maternity insurance cover is a coverage of all the expenses incurred at the time of delivery (be it normal or a C-section) is covered upto a pre-defined limit.

International Second Opinion

Before undergoing a plan for the operation or sometimes requires a specialist opinion for a Medical condition from a consultant / specialist doctor who stays in a foreign country. In such situation the insured takes a second opinion from an another doctor. This is covered under Health Insurance.

Personal accident coverage

Personal Accident cover is a financial protection given to the insured family in case of death or at the time of a permenant disability.

Daily allowance

Daily allowance in Health insurance means a specfic benefit amount paid to the insured at the time of hospitalization in per day basis to cover the living expenses.

Health Insurance FAQ's
1. What is the average cost of health insurance in India?

In India, the insurance providers use factors like age, health condition, coverage and number of individuals to be covered to determine the premium of a health plan. Let's take the help of an example for better understanding.

At the age of 25, if you want to purchase an individual health plan of the sum insured (Rs.10 lakhs), your premium amount will be Rs.608/month. Whereas, if you want to purchase an individual health plan of the sum insured (Rs.10 lakhs) at the age of 50 with smoking habits, your premium amount will be Rs.1831/month.

If you want to opt for a higher sum insured or require a family floater plan, take the help of our health insurance premium calculator to know the correct amount.

Note: The premium values keep on changing. Please check the amount first before investing in a plan.

2. I am already getting Health Insurance from my office? Do I still need to buy another health policy?
It's good if you are getting health insurance from your company. But what if you decided to switch the job? You will lose all the benefits. Hence, chances are that you will need to pay a higher premium for your new policy because of your growing age. Therefore, to be on the safer side, you can buy a separate health plan that will ensure your and your family's healthcare needs are looked after even if you no longer have your company's health policy.
3. Can I buy Health Insurance for my parents if I am not earning, because my parents are not literate enough to understand the insurance plans and documentation?
Yes, the premium can be paid by any earning member of the family. Documents should be submitted by that member only.
4. If I am interested in alternative therapies, how does health insurance work?
It varies from plan to plan
5. What is the process of updating the nominee, address, phone number and any other information in my policy documents?
You can update at the time of renewal of your plan. Also , if required you can update the nominee, address, phone number by endorsement, or by sending Email to insurer
6. What all factors need to consider while choosing Health insurance plan?
You should consider the claim process, family health insurance, selecting the correct Sum Insured, network hospitals, maternity benefits, pre and post hospitalization, renewal, free medical check ups.
7. Can I use the Health Insurance Portability feature as an insurance policy holder?
You can transfer your existing health insurance policy to another company using the health insurance portability feature. However, portability is possible only at the time of existing policy renewal.
8. What is the right age to buy health Insurance?
There is no right age to buy health insurance, however, most insurance companies suggest purchasing health insurance early in life as you get a low premium amount and are less prone to critical illnesses and hospitalization as compared to someone in their 50s and 60s.
9. Is it mandatory to take a medical test before buying health insurance?
Medical tests are not required before buying a health insurance policy. However, most health insurance providers require medical test reports if the age of the applicant is above 45 years. Health Insurance providers also reimburse the cost of these pre-policy medical check-ups depending on the plan you chose.
10. Can I buy more than 1 health insurance policy?
Yes, you are eligible to purchase more than one health insurance policy in India. If you are covered by your corporate health insurance, you can purchase additional online health insurance including your spouse and children.