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Top-up health insurance plans

Top-up health insurance plans serve as supplementary coverage that offers additional protection for you and your family during medical emergencies. These plans act as a safety net in situations where your existing health insurance falls short in covering the medical expenses. In other words, they come into effect when the basic threshold limit of your current health plan is exceeded. It is important to note that these plans are applicable for a single hospitalization event. By opting for a top-up health insurance plan, you can ensure that you have adequate financial support to manage unexpected medical costs, providing you with peace of mind and protection during times of health-related challenges.

Let's consider an example of a top-up health insurance plan. Suppose you currently have a health insurance coverage of Rs. 5 lakhs. As you grow older and witness the rising healthcare costs, you anticipate that this amount might not be sufficient to cover potential medical emergencies in the future. Instead of purchasing an entirely separate health policy or upgrading your existing plan, you have the option to opt for a top-up plan. By doing so, you can enhance your coverage without putting a strain on your finances. A top-up plan acts as an additional layer of protection, providing you with the necessary financial support beyond the threshold limit of your base health plan. This approach allows you to bolster your coverage effectively while ensuring affordability.

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Top-Up Health Insurance Policy FAQ's
1. How to file a claim for Critical Illness policy?
  • ◉ Fill up with claim form
  • ◉ Submit required documents
  • ◉ Insurance company verifies the documents and claim details
  • ◉ Claim is settled
2. What are all documents required at the time of claim?
  • ◉ Policy document / number
  • ◉ Claim form/li>
  • ◉ Medical reports
  • ◉ Details of treatment
3. What are the Exclusions in a Critical Illness policy?
Some of the standard exclusions are:
  • ◉ Self inflicted injuries
  • ◉ Conditions caused to due participation in adventure sports
  • ◉ Caused due to war
  • ◉ Alcohol or drug abuse
4. Are there any Tax Benefits on buying a Critical illness policy?

Premiums paid are exempt under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.